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Basic user interface

Main screen

Basic UI
  1. Side menu to access others main functions of BigBag.
  2. Top menu to access all features of the shopping list.
  3. Input for add items to a shopping list.
  4. Need to buy: Click in the check box of an item when buy. Click on the title of an item to open its detail screen.
  5. Handler for drag & drop items: Hold in 3 seconds to start dragging.
  6. Bought: Click in the checkbox of an item to add it back to "Need to buy".
  7. Summary bar: Summary information of the shopping list.

Icons meaning

Icons Meaning
lang Add a new item to shopping list by taking photo of a product
lang Add a new item to shopping list voice voice recognition
lang Add a new item by selecting in your History
lang Send items to others

How to use ?

Shopping list

Q: Delete an item?
A: By swiping an item from left to right, you will delete this item. You can also delete an item by click on the Trash bin icon in its detail screen.

Q: Snooze an item?
A: By swiping an item from right to left, you will have options to snooze this item after a duration or indefinite time. While being snoozed, item is not shown in shopping list but you can find list of snoozed item by going to "Top menu > view snoozed items"

Q: Sort items?
A: By going to "Top menu> sort items", you have various options: sort items by category or alphabetically.

Q: Remove an item from History ?
A: In History list, you can remove any item in you History by swipe it to the left. An other way, by click in (X) button beside item in suggestion list, you'll delete it from History.

Q: Update an item in my History ?
A: Every time an item is edited in shopping list, its information in History will change accordingly. But, when you change its name, a new item will be added to the History, the previous item will have no change.

Q: Sort items in a shopping list ?
A: In shopping list, items are grouped by categories by default. But, you can short items by alphabetical order by goto the Up-Right menu and click on Short items.

Q: Assign a category to an item?
A: After adding item to the shopping list, open item detail screen by click on it name then select an existing category for this item or create a new category for it, click on (V) button to save . Back to the shopping list screen, the item will be aready grouped on the category, drag and drop some others items to this group will also assign this category to them.

Q: Delete, rename a shopping list ?
A: By goto the "Top menu > Manage lists", you will see a screen with a list of all your shopping lists. In this screen, click to Delete icon () to delete a list or Edit icon () to rename a list.

Q: Change language of voice input?
A: Goto "Side menu > Setting > Voice input Language" then select the language for voice input. Note: BigBag does not support multi-language for voice input, you can select only one languge at a time.

Q: Import product database ?
A: You can copy shared product list in your language Here, then import items to a new shopping list in your BigBag, all imported items will be add to your history as a product database. Note: you can select to import only product that you want.

Q: Arrange categories by aisles orders ?
A: Goto "Top menu > Manage categories" then arrange categories by drag & drop them by holding the Handlers.

Recipe book

Q: Import recipe from recipe apps ?
A: BigBag can import shared recipes from popular recipe apps (like my cookbook). Please choose the BigBag icon from the list of sharing destinations when sharing a recipe from your recipe app. In the BigBag import screen, you can select ingredients to import.


Q: Using BigBag on many devices?
A:. BigBag can synchronize your data in the cloud to allow users to access on multiple devices. To do this, please open the Side menu and select login. You have the option to keep and upload all existing data to the cloud or delete all existing data to start with an empty application after logging in. For safety, every time you log in or log out, BigBag automatically creates a backup of your data on your phone.

Q: Backup and restore data?
Answer: BigBag automatically backs up your data every 7 days to your phone's local memory in the "/data/BigBag/database" folder. You can also manually backup your data by going to "Side menu> Settings> Backup". If you want to restore your data to a previous backup, go to "Menu side> Settings> Restore" and select a backup to restore.

Popular questions & answers

Q: Why BigBag don't has any integrated product database ?
A: Because BigBag adopts generic philosophy, we don't integrate any specific country or brand product database within the app. But, BigBag will learn added items by you to build your own product database. There will be only products you need, not any product we or some one else want you see. In BigBag, list of added items or product database is called History.

Q: What for my History ?
A: While you're typing an item to a shopping list or an inventory list, BigBag will suggest items from your History. You can quick select an item for this Suggestion list for input to the shopping list or inventory list.

Q: How do I use categories and multi-list ?
A: Normally, categories are used for grouping item by its nature, for example: Fruit, Meat, Vegetables... and a shopping list is related to needed item by specific location or purpose, for example: home, office, kitchen ...

Tips and Tricks

Can't remember the name of the good wine you tried at the restaurant or the name of the delicious sauce at a friend's dinner?
You can take photos of any product with BigBag to quickly add a new item in the shopping list with taken photo will help you find the product when you're shopping.

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