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About BigBag

What is BigBag ?
Why BigBag ?

Help Topics

Quick start

Basic user guide
General interfaces
Icons meaning
Shopping list
Inventory list
Recipe book
Cards wallet
Coupon organizer

Advanced user guide
Grocery master list
Cloud sync to use in multiple devices
Send item to external app
Send items to other users by BigBag
Send recipe to other users by BigBag
Send coupon to other users by BigBag
Send card to other users by BigBag
Import list from text
Import item from an other app
Crawl recipe from website
Crawl product from website
Backup to and restore data in your phone
Shopping mode
Inventory item expires notification

Release notes

Your BigBag has just been updated, please read the following notes to update changes:

  • 14th Nov (version: 7.9 pro, 9.7 free)
    • Support split-screen, you can use BigBag with other apps at a the same time on the screen. E.g with Calculator to calculate prices.
      All release notes are here


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