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Release notes

Your BigBag has just been updated, please read the following notes to update changes:

  • 18th September (version: 7.5 pro, 9.3 free)
    • Fix bug of auto backup
  • 26th August (version: 7.4 pro, 9.2 free)
    • Fix errors and add editing screen in Recipe Book
  • 2nd August (version: 7.3 pro, 9.1 free)
    • Import items from text into the Inventory List
  • 28th July (version: 7.2 pro, 9.0 free)
    • New icon.Bigbag Logo
    • Widget bug fix.
    • Align categories title to the left.
  • 6th July (version: 7.1 pro, 8.9 free)
    • Categories order per list: The sorting of the categories is saved in dependency of the list. The management of categories (create, delete, rename) is moved to the Setting section.
    • Send Inventory items in text format: Inventory items can be sent to other android apps in text format. A feature for importing text items to the Inventory list will be developed latter.
  • 27th June (version: 7.0 pro, 8.8 free)
    • Fix a bug in the text import
    • Click the list name to view all lists
    • Expand the separation between Bought and Un-bought section
    • Automatically update re-assigned category and image of item in the shopping list to the master list
  • 20th June (version: 6.9 pro, 8.7 free)
    • Improve Italian translation.
    • Display thumb image of item in the shopping list.
    • Fix bug.
  • 12th June (version: 6.8 pro, 8.6 free)
    • Send recipe, coupon, card to others by BigBag
  • 5th June (version: 6.7 pro, 8.5 free )
    • Scrape products, recipes from websites

New features

Categories order per list in Shopping List
Send Inventory items in text format
Scrape recipes from websites
Scrape products from websites
Send items to other users by BigBag
Send recipe, coupon, card to other users by BigBag


What is BigBag ?
Why BigBag ?

Basic user guide

General interfaces
Icons meaning
Shopping list
Inventory list
Recipe book
Cards wallet
Coupon organizer

Advanced user guide

Grocery master list
Cloud sync to use in multiple devices
Send item to external app
Send items to other users by BigBag
Send recipe to other users by BigBag
Send coupon to other users by BigBag
Send card to other users by BigBag
Import list from text
Import item from an other app
Crawl recipe from website
Crawl product from website
Backup to and restore data in your phone
Shopping mode
Inventory item expires notification


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