BigBag release notes

Your BigBag has just been updated, take a few minutes to learn about the change. To get more help or support while using BigBag, please goto the Help & Feedback section.

22th Aug, 2021 (version: 10.6 pro, 12.4 free)

Get exported list from Out of Milk

BigBag can get list exported from Out of Milk to help users migrate their data to BigBag

20th Aug, 2021 (version: 10.5 pro)

Export/Import backup file in the Android 11

In Android 11, backup files are stored in an application specific location. This location cannot be accessed by other apps and will be removed when the app is uninstalled. Export/Import function will help users to copy backup files in specific location of BigBag to a new location for import latter.

16th Aug, 2021 (version: 10.4 pro)

Sorry for a long delay, the Backup/restore feature is comming back

On Android 10 and earlier: not much has changed other than that only users who are not logged in can restore data to avoid conflicts with data in the cloud.

On Android 11 and up: backup data files are placed in an app-specific storage location as required by Google's new policy on Android storage permissions. Temporarily, users cannot move backup files in/out of this location and we will add functionality to allow this in the next update!

28th April, 2021 (version: 10.2 pro, 12.2 free)

Important change:

Sorry, we have to temporarily remove the Backup & Restore feature. Google's new Android policy on device storage access doesn't allow us to keep it as it is. We are thankful for your support and understanding !

30th Dec, 2020 (version: 10.0 pro, 12.0 free)


  • New app logo
  • Language correction (Italian)

30th Nov, 2020 (version: 9.9 pro, 11.6 free)

UI Improvements

13th Nov, 2020 (version: 9.8 pro, 11.5 free)

New features:

  • Move items from the Shopping Cart to the Pantry lists, Add reorder quantity for items in the Pantry lists.

Improvements: Language translations.

6th Nov, 2020 (version: 9.7 pro, 11.4 free)

New features:

  • Long press item name in the shopping cart to edit item detail.
  • Click item in the re-add screen to add to or remove from the shopping list.
  • Sort items in the shopping cart by alphabetical order
  • Trash button to quick remove all items in the shopping ca


  • Keep list position when switching between Shopping mode and Edit mode.
  • Scroll list to the position of new added item.

28th Oct, 2020 (version: 9.6 pro, 11.3 free)

New feature:

  • in the edit mode of the shopping list you can re-add items to the list from Bought items, Pantry items, or All items.

9th Oct, 2020 (version: 9.3 pro, 11.0 free)

New features:

  • In the Shopping mode, the Shopping cart can be opened to show the last bought item. Then, user can adjust the quantity, price of the last bought item and mark next items to take in the same screen.
  • The Shopping cart can be also fully opened to review and adjust quantity and price of each item.

2nd Oct, 2020 (version: 9.2 pro, 10.9 free)


  • The Bought section now becomes the Cart to help user keep track of what he/she is taking within the store. Items in the cart are always sorted in reverse of the order they are taken (the last item on the top). User can quickly review and un-mark accidentally marked items.


  • Show notification in History icon when there are more matched items than showed in the typing suggestion list.

BigBag just got a big update on 10th Sep, 2020 (8.8 pro, 10.5 free)

We split the shopping mode and edit mode for the shopping list. Users use the Edit mode to prepare lists before going shopping, and use the Shopping mode while in the shopping places to keep track of bought items and to estimate the total.

Older versions

28th Oct, 2020 (version: 9.6 pro, 11.3 free)

  • Re-add items in Shopping List

17th Oct, 2020 (version: 9.5 pro, 11.2 free)

  • Improve Italian translation.
  • Fixed bugs.

14th Oct, 2020 (version: 9.4pro, 11.1 free)

  • New feature: in the edit mode of shopping list, press and hold an item to select multiple items. Selected items can be quickly deleted or added to a category.

28th Sep, 2020 (version: 9.1 pro, 10.8 free)

  • Sorting alphabet item improvement.
  • User interface improvement.
  • Fixed bugs.

26th Sep, 2020 (version: 9.0 pro, 10.7 free)

  • Fixed search in History.

23th Sep, 2020 (version: 8.9 pro, 10.6 free)

  • Fix bug: missing text while scrolling lists.
  • Improvement: popup to show long/multi-lines note of item in shopping mode.

18th Aug, 2020 (version: 8.7 pro, 10.4 free)

  • User interface improvement.

15th Aug, 2020 (version: 8.6 pro, 10.3 free)

  • Fix bug on deleting recipes.

8th Aug, 2020 (version: 8.5 pro, 10.2 free)

  • Fix unexpected close.
  • Upgrade the Android SDK for a better compatibility.

4th Aug, 2020 (version: 8.4 pro, 10.1 free)

Bug fixes in:

  • Quick jump to a category in the shopping mode.
  • Layout of the lists on big screens.


  • Back to the last position of the shopping list after deleting an item from the details screen.
  • Option to sort items by category order in the shopping mode.

26th July, 2020 (version: 8.3 pro, 10 free)

  • Cloud sync improvement.

26th March, 2020 (version: 8.2 pro, 9.9 free)

  • Add widget app for dark mode.
  • Fix minor errors.

2rd Feb, 2020 (version: 8.1 pro)

  • Fix bug: sign in error.

13th January, 2020 (version: 8.0 pro, 9.8 free)

  • Show the quantity of items with long name in the lists.

14th November, 2019 (version: 7.9 pro, 9.7 free)

  • Support split-screen, you can use BigBag with other apps at a the same time on the screen. E.g with Calculator to calculate prices.

21th October, 2019 (version: 7.8 pro, 9.6 free)

  • Share list: Add import link to help import data quickly
  • Fix bugs: Currency symbol

11th October, 2019(version: 7.7 pro, 9.5 free)

  • Support fractional number for quantity of item
  • Save all detail of items to the Master list

23th September, 2019 (version: 7.6 pro, 9.4 free)

  • Fix bug: Swipe to delete item in Master List

18th September, 2019 (version: 7.5 pro, 9.3 free)

  • Fix bug of auto backup

26th August, 2019 (version: 7.4 pro, 9.2 free)

  • Fix errors and add editing screen in Recipe Book

2nd August (version: 7.3 pro, 9.1 free)

  • Import items from text into the Inventory List

28th July, 2019 (version: 7.2 pro, 9.0 free)

  • New app logo
  • Widget bug fix.
  • Align categories title to the left.

6th July, 2019 (version: 7.1 pro, 8.9 free)

  • Categories order per list: The sorting of the categories is saved in dependency of the list. The management of categories (create, delete, rename) is moved to the Setting section.
  • Send Inventory items in text format: Inventory items can be sent to other android apps in text format. A feature for importing text items to the Inventory list will be developed latter.

27th June, 2019 (version: 7.0 pro, 8.8 free)

  • Fix a bug in the text import
  • Click the list name to view all lists
  • Expand the separation between Bought and Un-bought section
  • Automatically update re liassigned category and image of item in the shopping list to the master list

20th June, 2019 (version: 6.9 pro, 8.7 free)

  • Improve Italian translation.
  • Display thumb image of item in the shopping list.
  • Fix bug.

12th June, 2019 (version: 6.8 pro, 8.6 free)

  • Send recipe, coupon, card to others by BigBag

5th June, 2019 (version: 6.7 pro, 8.5 free )

  • Scrape products, recipes from websites