Release Notes

A quick summary of Release Notes

Release notes

Your BigBag has just been updated, please read the following notes to update changes:

  • 14th November (version: 7.9 pro, 9.7 free)
    • Support split-screen, you can use BigBag with other apps at a the same time on the screen. E.g with Calculator to calculate prices.
  • 21th October (version: 7.8 pro, 9.6 free)
    • Share list: Add import link to help import data quickly
    • Fix bugs: Currency symbol
  • 11th October (version: 7.7 pro, 9.5 free)
    • Support fractional number for quantity of item
    • Save all detail of items to the Master list
  • 23th September (version: 7.6 pro, 9.4 free)
    • Fix bug: Swipe to delete item in Master List
  • 18th September (version: 7.5 pro, 9.3 free)
    • Fix bug of auto backup
  • 26th August (version: 7.4 pro, 9.2 free)
    • Fix errors and add editing screen in Recipe Book
  • 2nd August (version: 7.3 pro, 9.1 free)
    • Import items from text into the Inventory List
  • 28th July (version: 7.2 pro, 9.0 free)
    • New icon.Bigbag Logo
    • Widget bug fix.
    • Align categories title to the left.
  • 6th July (version: 7.1 pro, 8.9 free)
    • Categories order per list: The sorting of the categories is saved in dependency of the list. The management of categories (create, delete, rename) is moved to the Setting section.
    • Send Inventory items in text format: Inventory items can be sent to other android apps in text format. A feature for importing text items to the Inventory list will be developed latter.
  • 27th June (version: 7.0 pro, 8.8 free)
    • Fix a bug in the text import
    • Click the list name to view all lists
    • Expand the separation between Bought and Un-bought section
    • Automatically update re-assigned category and image of item in the shopping list to the master list
  • 20th June (version: 6.9 pro, 8.7 free)
    • Improve Italian translation.
    • Display thumb image of item in the shopping list.
    • Fix bug.
  • 12th June (version: 6.8 pro, 8.6 free)
    • Send recipe, coupon, card to others by BigBag
  • 5th June (version: 6.7 pro, 8.5 free )
    • Scrape products, recipes from websites