Quickstart guide

Thank you for downloading BigBag, this guide is prepared for you to get started. To get more help, please goto the Help & Feedback. By using BigBag, your are indicating that you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

BigBag shopping list

Edit shopping list

Add some items by typing item name into the "Add" box. Click on an item to change the item detail, e.g: quantity, note, category...


To add items need to buy again from your history or your pantry

All lists

You can have many shopping lists, click here to see all or to create a new one


To: rename, delete the current list, change sorting order of items and more ...

Drag & drop

Long press here to start moving item around to arrange items in the list


To quickly take a photo of items to remember

Shopping mode

To change the list into shopping mode for tracking items need to buy at the stores

Go shopping

Click on the check box to mark items that you put into the cart. Click the shopping cart to view all bought items.


Show the last bought item to adjust quantity, price ...


To change sorting order of items, to mix some lists to view at once

Edit mode

To change back the list into the edit mode

Pantry list

Add regular needed items for kitchen, bathroom or office in to the pantry list. You can set notification of items getting expired or add running-out items to the shopping list for the next shopping.

Recipe book

Edit your favorite recipes with customized ingredients that meet your family's taste. Add ingredients of recipe in to the shopping list for the next meals. You can also copy recipes in popular recipes website by sharing the url of recipe from browsers to BigBag

Cards wallet

Save loyalty cards, membership cards to BigBag with pictures and barcodes. The cashier can scan your card in BigBag without the need for a plastic card. All the cards will be with you everywhere, you can get rid of the heavy wallet.

Cloud sync

Sign up for a BigBag account to sync your lists, recipes, and loyalty cards on multi devices by the cloud. You can share login your account with your family members to share your lists.

Import data

BigBag is open to get lists shared from BigBag users and from other shopping list apps, recipe apps

Get exported lists

Export lists from Out of Milk, OurGroceries... to BigBag, change your shopping list app for better

Get shared ingredients

Share ingredients from recipe apps MyCookbook, Paprika ... to BigBag, plan shopping for your famous recipes

Import text list

Easily share lists among BigBag users by text message