BigBag - Quick start

Welcome, please take some minutes to learn how to start with BigBag!

Note: BigBag supports the following languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Turkey, Russian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese. You can change language of the app in Setting > General > Language.
This help document can be translated by selecting your preferred language in the above list.

BigBag has the main functions:

  1. Shopping list: To remember items need to buy
  2. Inventory list: To remember items that you have in stock
  3. Recipe book: To store your favorite recipes
  4. Cards wallet: To store your membership cards
  5. Coupon organizer: To store your discount coupons

Access these functions from the side menu of the app

Menu Button

by clicking on the Menu button:

Menu Button

To get start, enter some items you need to buy to a shopping list for the next time go to a store. You can group items into categories and arrange by aisles order of the store to help shopping faster. At the store, mark bought items in the shopping list. If you put price of items, you will know also the total amount to be paid and never be over budget.

Shopping list

Interface explaination by numbers:

  1. Click and type to add an item.
  2. Hold to move items
  3. Click to mark items
  4. Click to remove all bought items
  5. Click to add bought items to a inventory list

At the end of the shopping trip, select items that will be stocked in your pantry and move these items into a Inventory list. If you put the expires of items, BigBag will remind you to use them before expiration. Reduce the remaining quantity of items at each time using. Before your next shopping trip, check your inventory list to select item need to refill. You can also put ingredients of recipes to the Shopping list to prepare for your next meal.

If you have some Member card or Coupons, save it to the app by scanning the barcode and entering some necessary information. BigBag can show barcodes to the cashier to scan at the store.

These are simple steps to start using BigBag, day by day, you will soon discover other useful features of the application.
This Quick start guide is a part of the User guide that you can access anytime by clicking on the Help & Feedback button on the left menu of the app.